We’re Starting a Business…a tea business

Aloha collaborators! With my MBA classes at the Shidler College of Business complete I am looking towards bringing together all my experience and knowledge to finally walk the walk after talking so much talk. In a few weeks (Jan. 1) I will be journeying to Japan for five months to work with specialty tea farmers in Kyoto prefecture. I hope to learn a lot while on this trip and bring this knowledge back home to encourage farmers in Hawai‘i to diversify into profitable opportunities like specialty tea.

This past summer I worked with a team on a Market Feasibility Study for tea in Hawai‘i and found, surprisingly, that there is an incredible opportunity. My team has decided to develop a consulting company that can facilitate the relationships that can make this industry develop. It’s going to require a lot of work, but we believe that if we can develop trust-building relationships with all the players something wonderful can happen.

Our business is going to be highly interactive with engaged social networks. These networks are going to consist of people and organizations from research, farming, processing, distribution, retailing, trade organizations, and consumers. Our business is also built on the foundation of collaboration in which we find ways to develop the industry so everyone has something equal to contribute and benefit. The idea may seem novel, but we are confident that it is going to stick and could have the potential to transfer to other diversified agriculture opportunities and industries.

If you are interested in following the development of our company or are interested in Hawai‘i Grown Tea, food self-sufficiency, collaboration, or entrepreneurship we highly encourage you to join our mail list. Soon we will be launching our website, blog, and social networks. The email list will be the best way to stay informed. Subscribe to our mail list.

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